We are Now Closed for the Season.  We would like to thank our many loyal customers for your continued support during these difficult times.  We look forward to serving you under better circumstances in 2022!
Thank You very much to our Good Friend and Long Time Customer, Joe Warmington, for the great piece in the Toronto Sun! http://torontosun.com/news/local-news/warmington-family-is-key-piece-in-haugens-restaurant
Over the years we have been blessed with dozens of fantastic employees that have been with us for 20 years or more!  This year, our longest serving employee, Brigid, has reached her 45th year!   If you are lucky enough to have Brigid serving you this year, please join us in congratulating her for this outstanding achievement!!!
People always ask us;  What’s so special about Haugens?  Besides the fact that we have been around for 68 years… and are legendary with hundreds of thousands of families and travelers all over Ontario and Canada?   In a word, we do everything we can to DO IT RIGHT!!!  Our rotisseries run “low and slow” all day long to keep our chickens moist and fresh.  We only use the best pork back ribs that are slow cooked to tender “fall of the bone” perfection and basted with our tangy ribs sauce.  We cut our own fries and bake our own pies.  Our staff is second to none.  Many have been with us for decades and they know how to do it right!!!  If you are looking for an old fashioned celebration of food we are the place for you!!!
2021 Season



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