Welcome to our New Website!!!

People always ask us;  What’s our Secret???

As if we are going to tell!  Really, there is a lot that is Special about us.  But if we had to boil it all down….to one simple answer….Its really not much of a secret….We actually still cook in our kitchen, every single day!  At a time when most restaurants have become warm up stations for food processors we still go to work every day and start with fresh meat, potatoes and vegetables.  We simply refuse to compromise our quality!

Watch us on the Food Network now!

A little while back a CTV news crew attended the Wednesday Night Classic Car Cruise along with sports commentator Lance Brown.  The “My Toronto” spot they created featured our Wednesday Night Cruise.  Watch Now!

2012 Season

Open from March 1, 2012 to December 2, 2012


Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner